secretary-general: Richard park

From Seoul, South Korea, Richard is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College. He plans to double major in Economics and Computer Science. Having participated in various YIRA conferences including the former USG of Domestic Delegations for YMUNK 2018, he is excited to serve as the Secretary-General for YMUNK 2019. Outside YIRA, Richard is also involved in YUDI, a group aiming to educate Yale undergraduates about finance and investing, Hanppuri, the cultural group for Korean students at Yale, and various other groups. Having lived in Shanghai, China, and Massachusetts and visited many more, Richard is a true international student who hopes to continue his passion for international relations at YIRA. If you have any questions about YMUNK or Richard himself, please reach out to ymunkorea.secgen@yira.org.


Director-General of Committees: George Tang

George Shao-chi Tang III is a sophomore in Branford College, and is majoring in Global Affairs and Economics. He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Taipei, Taiwan. At Yale, he is part of the magic society, enjoys filmmaking, and is the captain of the Swimming Club. Hoping to utilise his academic and extra-curricular experience, George is passionate about safeguarding the democracy and freedom of his country in this era of uncertainty. He is more than excited to meet all of you! Feel free to reach George at ymunkorea.dgcomms@yira.org!


Director-General of Administration: Ornella Bayigamba

Ornella is a junior at Yale majoring in Chemical Engineering with a focus on Renewable Energy infrastructure and policy. She has had the pleasure of joining several other Yale International Relations Association conferences and substituent groups before getting the opportunity to be Vice President. Her hope for this year is to reach a greater diversity of Yale students, offer more opportunities for the membership to create events based off of their interests, and increase the educational mission of our research trips. Feel free to reach out to her @ ymunkorea.dgadmin@yira.org with any inquiries!


Under Secretary-General of Committee: Max Ackerman

Originally from sunny South Florida, Max is a junior in Pauli Murray College. He plans to major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Having chair experience with domestic conferences at Yale such as SCSY and YMUN, as well as international chair experience in Hungary through YMGE, Max is eager to be one the USG of committees for Yale Model UN Korea 2019. Outside of YIRA, Max works as the Development Coordinator fro Dwight Hall (Yale’s center for Community Service and Social Justice), edits for the Global Health Review a student run publication, and works as a Research Assistant in a evolutionary fish biology lab. Max is interested in environmental policy, global health, and how the two fields cross paths and influence each other.

Under Secretary-General of Conference: Henry Ziemer

Henry Suckow Ziemer is proud to be serving as Under Secretary-General of Conference for this year's iteration of Yale Model United Nations Korea. A junior double majoring in Global Affairs and History, Henry is incredibly passionate about international relations. In addition to YMUNK, he is involved in the Yale Military History Society and teaches global affairs to New Have high school students with Hemispheres. In his free time, he can be found dancing, reading or watching action movies. Henry is so excited to meet you all and knows this year's YMUNK will be the best one yet!


Under Secretary-General of Committee: Isha Dalal

From Connecticut, Isha is a sophomore at Yale College. She is majoring in Global Affairs at the Jackson School for Global Affairs. On campus, Isha is involved in club squash, research, writing for publications, and the Yale International Relations Association. She loves to travel in her free time and hopes to travel to all seven continents before the age of 30. She is so excited to be Director of Communications for YMUNK this year, and she can’t wait to share her knowledge and passion with everyone!

Under Secretary-General of Delegations: Annie Fang

Annie is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards college and the Under Secretary General of Delegations for Yale MUN Korea 2019. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, she moved to Shanghai, China, at the age of 4 and has since then spent much of her time traveling between the two cities. She plans on double majoring in Economics and Global Affairs. Within YIRA, Annie has also been involved with YMUN Taiwan, YMUN, and the International Relations Symposium at Yale. When she’s not busy with school work, she enjoys drinking green smoothies, grocery shopping, cooking with the Taiwanese American Society, and spending time with friends.


Under Secretary-General of Committee: Grace Baghdadi

Hailing from Paris, France, Grace Baghdadi is a rising Sophomore in Saybrook College who intends to double major in Global Affairs and Economics. At Yale, she is a varsity fencer, a member of MUNTY, Yale's only competitive Model UN team, a representative on the First Year College Council, and involved in the Yale International Relations Association in various capacities. Grace adores international relations, as evident in her fluency in English, French, German, and Chinese and her international citizenship. Having already been involved in Yale's high school MUN conferences such as YMUN and SCSY, she is excited to be a Director of Committees for YMUNK and bring you all the best experience possible. Feel free to contact her at grace.baghdadi@yale.edu.


Under Secretary-General of Committee: RENE OLIVAREZ

Rene Olivarez is a rising senior in Ezra Stiles College, originally from Mission, Texas. He is an Intensive Chemistry major with an emphasis in Chemical Biology. Rene is no stranger to Model UN conferences, chairing for both domestic and international conferences that Yale hosts. When Rene is not chairing for Model UN conferences, he is competing in them with MUNTY, Yale’s competitive Model UN Team. He is also a Tour Guide on campus and loves talking about Yale. Rene works in a chemistry research lab on campus that synthesizes anti-cancer drugs. If you’re wondering how Rene mixes STEM and international relations so well, or you just have any questions for him, don’t hesitate to react out to him at rene.olivarez@yale.edu.

Under Secretary-General of Design: Linh Le

Linh is a sophomore in Branford College and is incredibly honored to serve as the Under Secretary-General of Design for YMUN Korea 2019. Linh is originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, and will most likely work towards double-majoring in Global Affairs and Chemical Engineering at Yale. He also works for other YIRA constituent programs such as YMUN and SCSY; when not gathering updates for the weekly newsletter as YIRA Secretary, he can be found directing K-Pop dances, catching up on Drag Race, or simply napping at the Good Life Center. Linh is very much looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall, and do not hesitate to reach out to him at ymunkorea.design@yira.org!

Held in the dynamic city of Seoul, YMUNK is the premier Model United Nations conference in Korea, bringing together hundreds of students from Korea and around the world to engage in an immersive and innovative educational experience. The first seven years of the conference have been a remarkable success, and this year, we hope to not only continue building upon this firm foundation but to also leave our own mark on the conference’s trajectory.
— Richard Park, YMUN Korea Secretary-General