Position Paper Guidelines

Delegates should write two position papers, one for each topic. All delegates must submit a position paper on time to be eligible for a committee award at Yale MUN Korea 2019.

Format Guidelines:

  • 1 page single-spaced

  • 12 point font

  • Times New Roman

  • 1 inch margins

  • Include committee and country name in the header

Content Guidelines:

As you write the position paper, please make sure to cover three separate parts: (1) Overview of the Problem, (2) Country’s History with the Topic and Current Position, and (3) Proposed Solutions. Consider these questions as you write each section:

Overview of the Problem

  • What is the major issue at hand?

  • Who is affected by the issue?

  • Why does the issue persist?

  • Who are the major actors/countries/people/organizations involved in this issue?

  • What has the international community and/or the United Nations done to address the issue in the past?

Country’s History with the Topic and Current Position

  • What is the history of this issue in your country?

  • How are people in your country affected by this issue?

  • What has the country’s government done to address the issue in the past and present?

  • How does your country’s government currently feel about this issue?

Proposed Solutions

  • What barriers need to be overcome to solve this problem?

  • What solutions does your country believe are important to addressing this issue?

  • What should the international community do to solve this problem? What actions should this committee take to address the problem?

  • What are some specific ideas and implementations (technology, organizations, funding sources, etc.) that can be used to solve this problem?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Early deadline: Position papers submitted by the early deadline of November 17th KST are eligible to receive feedback from Committee Directors.

  • Regular deadline: Position papers must be submitted by the final deadline of November 22nd KST for a delegate to be considered for a committee award.

  • All position papers should be submitted directly to the delegate’s Committee Director via email. Please clearly indicate your country and committee in the email.

Happy researching—we look forward to receiving your papers! Please contact our DG of Committees at ymunkorea.dgcomms@yira.org with any further questions regarding position papers.